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Natural Diamond Powder

We are trading in NATURAL DIAMOND POWDER/ DUST. It is mainly use in industrial application such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical, polishing, cutting , drilling , automotive and mining industries etc.

BEAUTY INDUSTRIES – many beauty companies have started to offer products that include diamond dust. Though they are pricey as far as beauty benefits go. Diamonds are advertised as both an exfoliator and a blurring ingredient to reduce the radiator of wrinkles. Use of diamond as an exfoliator because they are strong abrasive and would be gentle enough for facial use in powder form.
PHARMACEUTICAL AND HEALTH INDUSTRY- Diamonds also have potential health benefits. Medical research surrounding the use of nano diamonds. Nano diamonds are extremely tiny diamond particle. A thousand times smaller than a single diamond. Nano diamonds are a great indicator of effectiveness in drugs because they reflect light.

AUDIO EQUIPMENT- powder of diamond improves sound quality. Diamond speaker dome produce high quality sounds because diamonds are hard enough that the can vibrate at high speed without warping and damaging the audio quality.