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Baguette Cut Diamonds

We are wholesale supplier of Baguette Cut Diamonds in all size, color and clarity. The Baguette Cut shape normally comes in small weights, less than one carat. Due to its smaller size, it tends to be measured by its dimensional size, rather than its carat weight. The Baguette Cut of diamond is usually used for side stones for other cuts of diamonds, as they can serve to hide the shoulders and girdle of centerpiece diamonds. The uniform and easily matched size of this stone makes it the ideal stone for use in pave and other channel settings. Unlike round diamonds, the shape of the baguette allows them to be set side by side without gaps.

Availability :

  • +1-1.5 mm
  • +1.5-2 mm
  • +2-2.5 mm
  • +2.5-3 mm
  • +3.0 mm up